Does hemp absorb carbon dioxide?

There are a few different ways that hemp can absorb, sequester or reduce CO2 the air.

When hemp is grown, it absorbs more carbon per hectare than any other crop. If this hemp is harvested and used in a way where it does not decompose, that carbon remains locked away inside the fibre of the hemp stalk.

Our hemp-lime blocks absorb additional carbon from the air. Lime absorbs carbon as it undergoes its setting process. This process essentially sees carbon that was produced at the time of manufacture, when limestone is turned into lime, reabsorbed into the material. This is known as the lime cycle. To see the lime cycle in action check out this video.

Over the life of a hemp home, significant energy reductions can be made, in comparison to a traditionally built home. With excellent insulative and humidity regulation qualities, households can greatly reduce their reliance on heaters and air-conditioners as the home remains comfortable for a greater proportion of the year. This in turn can reduce emissions created from energy generation that are sent into the atmosphere.

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