Where do you get your hemp from?

The industrial hemp sector in WA is developing, and sadly we are unable to source the quantity of building grade hemp fibre we need from local sources.

We purchase locally grown hemp when it is available.

To ensure we have enough supply, we source some hemp from La Chanverie in France. This hemp is certifed to the CeNC standard. This certification guarantees the quality of the product and reflects the following characteristics:

– Controlled granulometry (particle size)

– Minimal dust level

– Optimal moisture content

– Constant Bulk Density

– Light colour (synonymous with no mould)

We are working to develop the hemp fibre sector in Western Australia and collaborate with growers, processors, builders, government, regulators and others whenever possible to the benefit of industrial hemp.

Our goal is to source all our hemp fibre locally, as soon as possible, and to ensure that the hemp fibre produced in WA is of a consistently high standard. We are on the path to making this happen.

For more information on industrial hemp in Western Australia, visit the WA hemp industry body website – iHempWA.

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