Hemp hurd is available in different grades. Our top quality building-grade hurd is sourced from Western Australian hemp processors.

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Proven and certified

Hemp has been used as a building material for centuries – because it works so well! In Europe, the CenC standard governs the characteristics of building grade hemp hurd. Read the standard here.

We source our Hemp Hurd from Western Australia since 2024.

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Working towards the future

The industrial hemp sector is developing rapidly.

In Australia, a number of factors influence availability of quality hemp hurd.

Hemp is grown for fibre in limited quantities – but the good news is, the sector is growing. Much of the hemp cropped in Australia is grown for seed, used mainly for food and oil. These varieties do not produce high yields of fibre suitable for building.

There is currently no standard or certification for building grade hemp hurd in Australia. The quality of local material can vary, affecting the results of the end product.

Next challenge – hemp stalks are strong! Processing them into small, usable pieces requires specialised equipment called a decorticator. When processing becomes more readily available, the supply of local hemp fibre will grow.

Our goal is to source 100% of our hemp fibre from with Western Australia without a compromise on quality. Every customer who chooses to use hemp in their home is supporting demand for hemp fibre, driving growth of the industry and bringing hemp into the mainstream building market.

It takes a village

We are proud to work with iHempWA to strengthen the hemp fibre supply chain in Western Australia.

HempGro is the hemp grower’s cooperative in WA.

The WA government’s Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has undertaken a number of activities to develop the hemp sector in WA. Find out more about their work here.

Agrifutures is a Research and Development Corporation for rural industries. They’ve developed a strategic plan for industrial hemp in Western Australia. Read more about Agrifuture’s work in industrial hemp here.

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